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Lake Pleasant 2012

Well last weekend was labor day weekend and I had a 4 day weekend. It was also the weekend of my birthday. I decided it would be an awesome opportunity to go camping and geocaching with my 5 year old son!
Friday morning I packed up all of my camping gear and headed up to pick my son up from school in Phoenix. I surprised him by picking him up, as he had no idea that I’d be there.
We had to wait until around 5pm before we could head out because we had to wait on his mom to pack his bag etc.

After finally arriving at the campsite it was getting late so I set up camp as quickly as possible. I made us some hot dogs and s’mores before calling it an early night.
It was still really hot outside and we ended up having to sleep in the car until it cooled off. When we finally got back into the tent a heard of wild burros came through the camp grounds.

The next morning we made some breakfast and go hiking/geocaching before it got too hot. My son had never been geocaching before this weekend. I followed my GPSr to the first cache; it was a quick P&G under a tree by some easy parking on a mountain trail. I showed my son how to follow the arrow on the compass screen of my GPSr and let him hold it so he could show us which way we need to go. GZ was an Unusual Pile of Rocks or a UPR in cacher terms, I told him “look for a pile of rocks”. He quickly figured out what I was talking about and pulled apart the pile to unveil a small Tupperware container. When we opened it I told him about how you have to sign a log every time. He saw a bunch of little toys and trinkets inside and wanted them all. I explained the if you take something you leave something. Luckily I carry a camelbak with some “swag” in it. I pulled out some trinkets for him to leave songs could take some stuff. I had him rehide the cache the way we found it and headed to to the next.

Needless to say he was really excited about geocaching and wanted to keep moving to the next one. We found a total of 8 that weekend which isnt bad for a 5 year old in a rough-terrain mountain area!







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