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31 Days of Geocaching (continued)

Due to the upcoming event for the entire month of August, I decided to map out exactly what caches I plan to get for each day, with both regular and premium member caches. This map is based on the fact that I get at least 1 cache a day. Too bad I don’t have a car here in Korea.. this is going to be a lot of running back and forth on my bicycle! This map also gives me some alternative caches in case I happen to DNF any of these. 



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See what you miss when you’re gone a year??


I was getting  a little home sick today and decided to check out the geocaches in my home town – you know, just to see what’s new. I discovered along a small trail of caches I found, somebody had made some “Geocaching Art” by placing caches in certain places to give the illusion of artwork etc.. now I have to go back and get all these!!

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Near the base

here is a screenshot around the area of the base in S. Korea. Quite a few caches to be found!


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