About Me

Name: Rob
Geocaching Username: DRA6N
Age: 26
Current Location: Osan AB, South Korea
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona Profile: Click Here
I have been geocaching since late 2009.

Hey readers! I figured I would let you in on a few things about myself and why I decided to make this blog.

I didn’t know anything about geocaching until I was deployed to Qatar back in 2007. I went out to the local town and purchased a Garmin eTrex Legend handheld GPS receiver (or GPSr in geo-terms). I bought the GPSr to easily find my way around the city etc. I hopped on the internet to look for maps and such of the area, since it was only pre-loaded with North and South America.

I came across some posts on various websites about something called “Geocaching”. In a nutshell, geocaching is essentially a GPS-based treasure hunt where somebody hides some stuff somewhere along with a logbook, then posts the GPS coordinates online for people to run out and find.

I read and read about this game and was HOOKED! I realized that my GPSr wasn’t that great for this sort of thing and decided to wait until I returned from deployment to get a really nice unit and start there.

I returned and had forgotten about the sport for some time, until a friend brought up that she had always wanted to try. At the time had had purchased a Garmin Nuvi 200 – a GPS made for cars, not hiking.. I started looking some up online and found only a couple as the GPSr wasnt built for close proximity, on-foot travel..

I soon after picked up a Garmin Dakota 10 (can you tell I like Garmin products yet?) Anywho, with this unit I have found over 300 geocaches (at the time of this post), and still trekking on! I am addicted and have since hidden a few of my own and gotten may others into the sport.

Whats in a name?

I decided to call my blog “Longitude 111” as a spin-off from the official geocaching blog – Lattitude 47 as just a fun little joke. Longitude 111 is the longitude for Arizona, which is my home of residence and where most of my adventures take place. Kick back and follow me on my geocaching adventures!

If you’d like to contact me, just shoot me an email below!


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