Time for an upgrade

26 Jul


It has been quite some time since I upgraded from my GPSr that was designed for vehicle use to the Garmin Dakota 10. I have decided that I want to pick up the Garmin Oregon 650! Now there are 2 versions of this GPSr, the 510 and the 510t. The only difference aside from $70, the 510t has 8GB of memory rather than 4GB and it rotates it’s screen when you rotate the unit. It also has the US topographic maps pre-loaded. This isn’t a necessity for me at all since I already own the US topo-maps and I could care less if the screen rotates or not. The 510 has expandable memory via MicroSD card.

The 510 boasts an 8 megapixel camera with a flash, 3″ display, elevation plots, and Bluetooth/wireless for use with Chirp or ANT. It also has “nuvi mode” to  use when driving.

The price tag is about $479.99 but well worth the price. When I pick this up, I plan to give my son my Garmin Dakota 10, since he loves that thing.

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